HESCO is a leading manufacturer and supplier of polyurethane (PU) based sandwich panels across the Kingdom. The emerging economies in Middle East are currently facing huge sandwich panel growth due to its main advantages of PU- cored sandwich panels, such as lightweight construction, fire resistant – ratings up to 3 hours, excellent sound transmission barrier, no wood or associated threat of termites or dry rot, adaptable to all architectural designs, built to last long, superb thermal insulation, for quick and economic construction technique, are definitely appealing for growing economy like Saudi Arabia and regional countries.

HESCO manufacturing facilities are managed by well trained experienced specialists who are keen and committed to provide the best customer's service ever achieved in this industry. Together with sophisticated computerized manufacturing equipments make it all possible to guarantee that customer's tight delivery schedules are met with quality control and assurance at its high standard.

HESCO Plant is built on 30,000 m2 of area with one of the most modern foam injection technology and has capability to produce about two million square meters of sandwich panel annually.

HESCO has its own research and development team and playing significant role in the functioning of HESCO'S marketing department. Further, the company utilizes years of experience and resources of world's most reputable independent laboratories and classification societies.

HESCO engineers and architects are available to assist owners, designers and consultants free of charge at the earliest engineering consultation to ensure that clients’ can take advantage of full capabilities of our products according to the building design criteria, codes and climate conditions. HESCO services include; preparation of detailed shop drawings and extends to the proper coordination between the various activities of your erection process through field advisory services provided on a consultancy basis by HESCO trained engineers.

HESCO'S marketing team is always striving to improve and diversify our product through continuous marketing research on the customers’ requirements, and product development. HESCO Sales Engineers are qualified and trained to estimate and submit reasonable and accurate quotations in addition to assisting in design work. They are the single liaison between clients, customer, and HESCO to ensure that liaison is always fast and direct and that customer requirements are accurately related to the manufacturing center. Throughout business dealing with HESCO, our clients will find our Sales Engineers highly skilled, professionals who are eager to advise you on the most efficient and the most economical way to clad your building. The Sales Team is innovatively managed with main emphasis on customer service and with commitment to set higher standard in the metal building industry in the Middle East market.