EMDAD is member of Anasser group of companies registered company in Egypt. We focus on high-tech and valued added projects in line with advanced technology and system, while bringing wide resources to better support:


Ø Process & System:

§ A systematic applications for complete Solution Ranges in Desalination and Waste Water Treatment.


Ø Manufacture Agreement :

§ EMDAD has a License agreement with Saudi Industrial for Desalination Membrane and System LTD. (SIDMAS) which is the Design/ Engineering/ Installation / Commissioning according to their Technical Specification.


Ø Standard Features of our Desalination Plant

Multi Media Filter

Heavy duty 5 micron sediment cartridge filter.

Premium quality sea water resistant SS pump

High quality glycerin – filled 316 SS pressure gauge

Chemical dosing pumps.

Product and reject flow meter.

Spiral wound seawater TFC membrane, U.S.A.

FRP membrane housing 1000 psi.

Low & high pressure switches.

Permeate TDS monitor.

PVC low pressure piping

Stainless steel high pressure piping.

Stainless steel throttling valve for reject stream.

Automatic feed shut of valve

Energy recovery turbine.

Epoxy coated steel frame using powder coating technology

Microprocessor / plc based control panel.